Potato Wafers Metal Detector

Eliminating Adultrations - Potato Wafers Metal Detector

It is very easy to contaminate a food substance nowadays. With technology being so advanced, this can be used in detrimental ways to create lookalikes of foods which can be easily camouflaged. This, when retailed and consumed, can cause severe damage to the human body.

For the love of wafers

The easiest way is the use of metals to create look-alike of food articles, such as potato wafers. This can be masked in the wafer packing and sold to consumers. So how does one detect if the potato wafer has been adulterated with metal. Pass it through the Potato Wafers Metal Detector in Goa created by Target Innovations.

Potato Wafers Metal Detector- only the best will do

Easy to install and use, our Potato Wafers Metal Detector Suppliers and Exporters in India has been made using the latest technology. This enables the metals used for adulteration to be detected and eliminated easily.



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