Pulse Induction Metal Detector

Pulse Induction Metal Detector is a sensitive metering device that is mostly affected by electro-magnetic disturbances. While receiving secondary electro-magnetic pulse from the metal object, positioned on a distance from the receiving and transmitting antenna, there is another electro-magnetic signal from a random source that is received and then it adds to the useful signal.

In fact, these detectors have a particular scheme for excreting the electro-magnetic disturbances to the utmost possible degree. These metal detectors have high working stability and the alternative for a vast searching coil. Further, these can provide vast depth penetration of electro-magnetic pulse and are generally used basically for hunting in big depths, underwater, on the border between the earth and water as well.

All these specialities have made us highly renowned in the global marketplace. As such, Target Innovations are empowered as one of the magnificent manufacturers, Exporters and Wholesale Pulse Induction Metal Detector Suppliers from Goa, India.

Features of Pulse Induction Metal Detector

  • Automatic balance
  • Instant recovery on detection
  • Utmost target discrimination
  • Easy to operate
  • High reliability
  • Completely indigenous
  • Long life performance
  • High sensitivity and high accuracy
  • Detects all metals including the magnetic stainless steel
  • Lower power consumption
  • Spare parts and maintenance readily available

Applications of Pulse Induction Metal Detector

  • Desert
  • Clay
  • Rocky soils
  • Beach
  • Mountainous areas
  • Highly mineralized soils
  • Outback
  • Bush land
  • Scrub soils


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